Who, What, why?

Hi. My name is Derek Jones or to everyone who knows me just “Del

For more than 30 years I have worked in the entertainment industry as a stage and television lighting designer and loved every minute of it, I have had a great time, met some wonderful people and visited some really exciting places. Check out my lighting website for a taste of what I do.

On some events that I have worked on, I have had, on occasion a microphone thrust under my nose to make an announcement or narrate some text for the gathered masses, I loved that too but never really explored it fully and to take it forward. Well, now I am. 

Based on the Isle of Wight I have a simple, fully functional setup using the latest hardware and software to produce hi-quality, natural, no gimmick voice-overs. Connected with hi-speed fibre internet I can send and receive your audio tracks, videos indeed anything that needs a clean, clear voice over.

The competition is tuff out there, with a lot of people offering the same service, but for a reasonably priced, no-nonsense, cleanly delivered voice why not give me an audition. You might be surprised.